UDK Tutorials Creating a basic level Pt 4 BSP Editing

Previously we learned how to block in a simple room and do basic editing of BSP brushes. If you do not understand these concepts make sure you follow previous tutorials.

1.Continuing with our basic room we will learn a few more features of BSP brushes. Firstly, how to duplicate a brush. Select a BSP brush that you wish to duplicate and hold down Alt and then Left Mouse Drag to the position you want it. (For this example I selected the blue additive brush and the 2 yellow subtractive brushes.

Remember: Your brushes won’t be visible yet, press the Build Geometry for visible levels button.

2. Next we will connect both of the houses with a tunnel and another additive and subtractive brush. First I add a connecting Additive brush by measuring the gap between the two.

3.Then I fill the gap with the red builder brush and then create an additive brush.

4.I then connect the rooms with a subtractive brush so that players can run through the two rooms.

5. Time to add basic point lights and a player start. Hold L and press LMB for simple point light. Right click – Add Actor – Add PlayerStart for player start like you’ve done previously. Add a LightmassImportanceVolume around your level to make sure your lighting builds correctly. I also changed a few colours and radius’.

6. The finished result.

7. I have uploaded this map in a Notepad file. To open it copy all the text in the Notepad file. Open up a blank template in the UDK editor. Make sure you are in the perspective viewport and hit Ctrl + V to paste into the window. Remember to press the Build All button in the editor. This exact level should now appear.

Link to notepad:



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