UDK Tutorials Creating a basic level Pt 3 BSP Block In

In the previous tutorial we established what BSP brushes are. Along with the functionalities of CSG add and CSG subtract. If you still do not understand these concepts make sure you re-read the previous tutorials and find the corresponding documentation before continuing as this tutorial presumes you have these skills.

Make sure before you start you have a simple BSP additive brush set up. 1024x1024x32 will be fine.

1. Firstly we need to add human reference to our level so that we know exactly how big our environment should be that we are creating. This is purely used for scale. To do this open your Content Browser using the icon on the top toolbar

Once the content browser is open firstly, click All Assets. This makes sure you are looking all the whole library of assets (We will be going in to detail exactly what the content browser does at a later stage). Then in the search box copy and paste this SkeletalMesh’CH_IronGuard_Male.Mesh.SK_CH_IronGuard_MaleA’.

The easiest way to add this to your level is to Left Mouse Click and drag and drop it into your scene. Move the character so that it stands on the floor. You may need to re-size your grid to get it to snap into place properly. Change grid units by pressing ‘ [ ‘ on your keyboard to make the grid use smaller units and ‘ ] ‘ to use bigger units so that you have something that looks like this

Remember: A character height in Unreal is 96 Units tall. You can measure units be holding down your Middle Mouse Button and dragging it in any orthographic view. Let go of the mouse button when you have your height and the marker will stay there until you press another button.

2. Next we will learn how to resize the BSP brushes with the geometry tool mode. To access the Geometry Tool Mode find the button in the top left of the editor down the left hand side.

3. This tool allows us to resized the brush faces and vertices so create more interesting shapes. Select the brush you wish to edit in one of your editor viewports. In your perspective viewport select one of the faces and extend it using the move widget.

To make sure the Brush updates remember to press Build Geometry for visible levels at the top of the screen like you have done previously.


4. Next create a box on top of your Brush. Try 512x640x256 using the Brush Builder – Cube properties and add the brush to the level.

5. Next create another box using 448x576x224 and place it inside your room evenly like this

6. Next press Ctrl + S to subtract your brush. Its generally good to have 32unit thick walls, 16unit would be fine though, just make sure there is density to your walls.

7. Now we need a door! Create a brush 32x128x128 and subtract that in the wall.

8. Great! We have a room now that we can run inside. Just make sure you keep in mind how important it is to keep your brushes on the grid using good unit sizes. Any multiples of 2 are good.

9. Using the Geometry tool mode select the roof face and then in the Geometry Tools box that appears select Extrude and drag it up.

10. Click on Edit again instead of having Extrude selected. Keeping the geometry tool on, select the vertices down the left hand side of the roof. We do this by holding Ctrl + Alt and Left Mouse Dragging over the vertices (with the brush selected).

11. Next drag the vertices over to create a slant on your roof. Repeat the process for the other side.

12. Remember to hit that Build geometry for visible levels again to update the roof.


2 thoughts on “UDK Tutorials Creating a basic level Pt 3 BSP Block In

  1. Nick Bowen says:

    Hey there, not sure if you’re still looking at these things.

    When I’m going to edit the the vertices to get the slant in the front/side mode, I’ll control + alt and select the vertex, but I’m not getting a clean shift like you are. The vertices don’t move in a smooth line, but they slant forward, as well as to the side. I don’t have the |_ like you have but a 3d one shows up when I select the vertices.

    Thanks for the tutorials!

    • Hi Nick. When selecting them you should really use the orthographic views (4 viewports) to select. If ctrl+alt doesn’t work. Just try holding Ctrl and selecting one by one. Make sure grid snapping is on also.

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