UDK Video Tutorials

Heres a Dropbox link for following tutorial scene:

These tutorial videos include


12 thoughts on “UDK Video Tutorials

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  2. Hi! I have a little problem when i want to load KismetIntroduction.udk file. I have this error:
    Missing Files: Can´t find file for package ‘LightShootout’
    Missing objects: LightShoutOut.Materials.MAT_Light01
    Is that important? I have finish your anothers tutorials and now I go to make lights tutorials. But i’m not sure to make if i need this file…

    And another question, where can i change the day time? I mean, day for night.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Ignor,

    Sorry about that, I removed the folder from the dropbox. I’ve thrown it back up there for a while if you wanted to download it. You don’t really need it too much, could just create your own package but its there if you want it 🙂


    I’ll have to take it down again in few days though so be quick! 🙂

    Generally, night and day time can be changed in the templates that open up when you load UDK. You can also change the skybox, the LUT and the dominant directional light. Check out other tutorials on all that stuff if you want to know more.

    • Ok. thx for the package.
      i know that i can change in the templates, at begining, but i didn’t found in properties. i am sorry for ask. after to see one of your tutos i have found it. Thx a lot for answer too fast.
      And i’m sorry again, for my english, mg spanish.it’s better 😉 .

  4. Thx, but the WolD videos i have downloaded yesterday. ; )
    I see, almost every day, this page. it’s worderfull. But i have found your videos in youtube. thanks for all man. i am learning a lot and i wish in a few years make or work in the games industry. have a nice day!!!

  5. igor sanchez says:

    Hi again. I have a little problem with the resolution of the videos. I have downloaded in 720 of resolution but i can not see good. Low quality. Is that normal or need I new codecs?

    And another question: I have made the animation for fire step by step. But when i have finished in the matinee: when the animation’s loop start again make something extrange, so bright. I have seen the parameters but it’s that you have made. What happens?

    Thx, and have a nice day. oh, i like very much the shaders of Ether. Nice.

    • Hi Igor,

      I’m not sure about the video stuff, I’m not that technically minded. Was there something specific you were trying to do? You could maybe download the WoLD tutorial videos I have done because I uploaded them as HD so they should be good quality. If there’s a specific video you need I could re-upload it if I can find the source files.

      Regarding your fire, what is the default property of the moveable fire light? Is that set correctly? If it plays well the first time there shouldn’t be a problem when its looping. You could check your curve editor in the Matinee to make sure there are no extreme really bright values.

      Thanks for the kind comments on Ether 🙂 No shaders! Just handed painted diffuse textures so far 😉

  6. Hi, thanks again.
    I’m not sure now, but in the name of the videos apears 720, and i think this is a good quality. Perphaps i need new video codecs. I don’t need something specific, only comment. I understand all 🙂

    Fire: I have not make so extreme bright values, only between 0.8 to 1.5 , but I will make one more time. And at the end of loop i’ve put the sames values. No problem. Maybe i have a mistake… Thx also for the link. The Epic’s documentation it’s a bit confusing to find something.

    Ether: I can belive it 🙂 it’s really great. but a lot of work. 🙂

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