It’s important as a Game Designer to digest as much about the games industry as possible. Here are a few links that I constantly go to for knowledge and insight:

Idle Thumbs (Podcast)
Tone Control (Podcast)
Gamasutra (Article)
Level (Mixed Media)
Game Industry International (Article)

There are lots of really great Game Designers in the industry that have personal blogs on their thoughts. Here are some of my inspirations:

Harvey Smith
Steve Gaynor
JP LeBreton
Tom Francis

Unreal Engine 4 is now out which in a way makes learning UDK obsolete. We use Unreal Technology at White Paper Games If you’re wondering which engine to start with I would recommend UE4. It’s $19 a month to subscribe to but it is well worth the money and you would benefit greatly from having knowlegde of a new engine! You can find more information on UE4 here:

However if you’re interested in still learning Unreal 3 (UDK) you can find information here:
There is also the UDN which is a complete bible for everything included in the Unreal engines, this should be your first port of call for any referencing.

Some of the best sites for learning Unreal which have UE3 & UE4 tutorials are:

World of Level Design
Steve Lois
Packt Publishing Books

For anyone needing subtitled tutorial videos, they can be found here

Forums are a great place to get help on any problems you may have. There are a lot to pick from, however, here are a few where I have had the greatest response. Remember, to get help, you need to provide feedback to others!


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