Ether One Released

We just released our first game! Ether One is out now & we’re hugely proud of what we achieved. It took 3 long years of figuring out who we were as designers and people. We’ve learnt a lot in the process and I’ll be sharing a lot of those experiences throughout this blog in reflection to the development and what is coming next for White Paper Games.

We have received a higher level of critical acclaim than we were ever expecting. It’s definitely taken us by surprise. We designed Ether One to be something special to us and we were confident we had made something interesting, but we had no idea people would rate it so highly. It’s rewarding to see and it shows that we’re heading in the right direction with White Paper Games. Thank you all so much for playing and saying such great things about the game. We’ll continue to learn from this experience as we start to develop our next game.

If you were interested in supporting us you can buy Ether One directly from our site, Steam, GOG & Humble.

You can also find a full list of Ether One Reviews here.



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Steam Greenlight

Hey guys!

We’ve finally got our game up on Steam Greenlight after a couple of weeks of long hours! If you’re following what we’re doing and like our project please sign in and vote for our game! We’d really apprecaite the support, every vote counts! Also, if you favorite the game it helps us out even more šŸ˜€

Also, be sure to check out the new trailer:

Thanks for all your support so far! Still a long way to go though šŸ˜€

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Ether Teaser Trailer

Hey guys!

We’ve been working hard over at White Paper Games to get out game developed and out! We finally released a teaser trailer for you all to check out (if you havnt done so already!)

We’re putting a lot into this game at the moment so it would be great to hear any feedback you all have!

Also be sure to check out the Ether Game website! I’ll be sure to keep adding more WiP and any other interesting things I come across but for now, back to development! Thanks for following!

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Ether Episode 03 WiP shots

I realised IĀ hadn’tĀ posted much about the design stuff I had been working on recently. I finished this blockmap around a month ago and at the moment we’re testing it and tweaking the gameplay. It’s a pretty basic whitebox (which is how I like them) with UDK assets thrown in there as placeholders. In some parts I added more detail than needed, this helps me to get the feel of the level which is quite important to me.

I generally work off a quick paper design but don’t spend too long on it. IĀ don’tĀ spend too long because I think its only when you get it into the editor that it really comes alive. However, paper design is an important step as it gives you Ā a good layout and direction and allows you to focus on getting it interesting when you get it into the editor. Generally, people that go straight into editor without basic planning end up having a very linear andĀ repetitiveĀ level design which the experience suffers for in the end. Anyway, check them out! Not going too much into the design as we want to keep quite a lot of the rest of the game hidden until you actually play it!

Memory lane.

Schoolhouse andĀ Village

Mining area.

Village continued.

Village continued.

Lady of the Lake.

Testing begins.


Puzzle idea.

Puzzle idea.

Puzzle idea.

So as you can see, a good direction in place, the later shots have static meshes being overlaid on the whitebox. These are assets that we can re-use from the first level from the mining area. This level very much focuses on Jeans past and her memories growing up so some exciting parts of narrative and gameplay in this episode I think.

Next step is to continue testing and tweaking, not the most fun part when you’ve spent a couple of weeks on the same blockmap but an essential step!

Ether, UDK, Updates

Art Update

So here’s another art update. This isn’t the finished art direction for Ether but you can get a better feel for it. Currently we’re working on getting a fully arted chunk of Ether done so that we have a standard to hit for the rest of the game, we can also get feedback on that finished chunk so that we know the finished product will be the best it can be. Enjoy!

A lonely board walk

Silence all around

What was beyond the darkness?