The Level Design Document
4 years ago, when the only thing Unreal to me was how my MP3 player could hold more than 20 songs at a time, I have struggled to understand the concept of a level design document. To this day, after 2 degrees and a handful of industry design documents, I still do not fully understand.. (continue)

Patterns in Game Design
A formal definition to describe a pattern would be a reoccurring part(s) that directly affect game play. Game design is more difficult to define than most other design subjects because of the simple reason that games are artificial objects rather than natural ones. They are also entirely designed by humans.. (continue)

Why did I become a Game Designer?
I ask myself this questions because from my experience so far everyone seems to be a ‘game designer’ of sorts. Of course all the artists you speak to are game designers, and don’t forget the programmers and animators all throwing in their “two cents worth”. If everyone knows design and can implement it on their own what is the need..(continue)

Do Technical Limitations hinder creativity?
There is an argument that boundaries do in fact breed creation and with it good design. So does having these restrictions bring the best out in designers and cause them to focus on problem solving?After all, isn’t that what design is? Some would say that boundaries are beneficial for creativity..(continue)


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