Pete Bottomley

Hey! I’m Pete. I co-founded WPG and I’m a Game Designer. Unreal is my only game engine of choice and I fuel it with copious amount of caffeine. I first fell in love with games at the age of 10 with DOOM and haven’t looked back since.

Games such as Dishonored, Thief, Deus Ex and the Shock games excite me the most but I look to books and film to inspire my design work. Before starting WPG and releasing Ether One I gained some previous experience at TT: Fusion on LEGO: Rockband as Camera Support and in the concepting stages of LEGO: TCW’s as a level designer. I love talking Game Dev so drop me a line!



Email: pete.bottomley (at) whitepapergames (dot) com

Twitter: @Pete_Bottomley / @whitepapergames


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for your tutorials! I was looking at other tutorials and they were either outdated versions of UDK or they were assuming you didn’t know the basics.

    You helped me a bunch so far and sure your other svideos will help me just as much! Thanks again!

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