Ether One Released

We just released our first game! Ether One is out now & we’re hugely proud of what we achieved. It took 3 long years of figuring out who we were as designers and people. We’ve learnt a lot in the process and I’ll be sharing a lot of those experiences throughout this blog in reflection to the development and what is coming next for White Paper Games.

We have received a higher level of critical acclaim than we were ever expecting. It’s definitely taken us by surprise. We designed Ether One to be something special to us and we were confident we had made something interesting, but we had no idea people would rate it so highly. It’s rewarding to see and it shows that we’re heading in the right direction with White Paper Games. Thank you all so much for playing and saying such great things about the game. We’ll continue to learn from this experience as we start to develop our next game.

If you were interested in supporting us you can buy Ether One directly from our site, Steam, GOG & Humble.

You can also find a full list of Ether One Reviews here.




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