Student Showcase

Paper Prototyping (second year)

So we did a similar task today as the first years tackled with some really positive results. Each group got given a core set of rules to follow by. Got some cool games designs out of it and it was a nice introduction to the semester.

Looking at these pictures the students were very imaginative with the limited resources available to them. We even had origami dice!

This was a 1-day games design experiment where they had to plan, build, test and iterate their designs in 5hrs. They were then asked what they would have changed/implemented if they had more time to refine. We also had a group session where we got to see all the games in action. Some excellent ideas came through. Next task is to start over but with a bigger time frame to see what they come up with!

Dungeon Master type game

Chicken run?


Will post pics of next session! I would encourage all designers to try this out, students or not. Fast paced prototyping!


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