Student Showcase, UDK

UCLAN – 6 week Level Design brief.

So I’m pretty proud of my students at the moment at UCLAN. They worked their asses off for 6 weeks to produce some really awesome stuff. They are way ahead where I was at in my second year of University and I can’t wait to see what they can achieve in their final year. We’re trying to get them at a standard suitable for the top end of the industry which I feel if they keep working as hard as they are doing now they can get a nice junior position at a company. We are teaching Design first, aesthetics second, and with the help of Aaron Foster (Lunar Software) we have got some amazing results. So check them out! This was all done in 6 weeks from concept to design, to arting up the final level along with a video. Keeping in mind these guys have only been using UDK for around 10 weeks now.

If you would like to contact any of them for anything I can pass along a message.

James Caldwell – Synth

Emma Smith – AquaSol

Saija Sipilä – Arctic Greenhouse

Jason Ashcroft – Crimson Dawn

Christoph Lehmann – Heist


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