Modular Building Practice

Hey guys!

I’m taking a break from my WPG Ether stuff over the Christmas period and have decided to learn some new skills, not necessarily all design related, but just to give myself a breather!

I purchased the 3D Motive modular building videos a while ago and have never really done much with them since so I decided to give myself 2 days to create a modular building set to import in to UDK.

If I get to a good standard with these in 2 days then I want to design a small 1×1 deathmatch level with the assets just so that all these skills can link in to one..If I fail however, I’ll move on and maybe just use the 3DM assets with the tutorial to create a DM 😉

So here goes!

Day 1

Create my texture sheet. I saw Damian Lazarski’s portfolio which inspired me to go Renaissance.

I found a cool few images of some US Post Offices and City Halls

And then went on CG Textures to find some good reference images

I created the texture sheet in PS

Then imported it into Maya to start extracting assets. I found out I had not used Maya in wayyyy too long! Everything seemed foreign to me so there was a slight learning curve remembering where everything was!

Once I was happy with the basic geometry of the assets, I imported them all in to UDK to see how they looked. I did this because as I was still learning I wasnt sure if I had done it correctly. I wanted to iron out any issues before I added more detail to the texture sheet and assets.

As you can see, the assets look OK. But theres still a lot of work to be done. The major issues are outlined on the image which I can start to work on tomorrow.

So thats progress for day one, this all took me around 4hrs (with short breaks in between). Tomorrow i’ll be working on ironing out any geometry issues and then hopefully add more detail to the texture sheet (Again, as I designer I dont texture many things so this is also a learning curve for me).

Thanks for checking it out and crit welcome!




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