Ether, UDK

Ether Update

Hey guys,

So we havnt really been posting too many design updates and relying more on concept art to push our game at this stage. This is mainly due to the fact that we dont want to give too much away before the release of the game and focus more on our development stages instead. I’ve uploaded a few shots of the work we’re doing in the UDK along with the planning process behind it. The visuals in UDK have evolved since these shots so they’re by no means finished textures, more placeholders for our gameplay.


First image shows some of Josh Taylors concept art being used to get a feel for the environment the player is in. How the house got there is still a mystery…

More layouts of how the Island will look and feel to play. We need this stage as organic feeling as possible.

Now we start to add landmarks so we can get a feel for the pacing and where to change up the game play.

Then we plan the next stages, move things around, iterate it and test it again. All part of the prototyping stages 🙂


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