October Update and New Concept Art

Hey everyone. It’s been a busy few weeks for both Pete and I, with birthdays getting in the way and large decisions to make on our direction with Ether! So as you are all so lovely I wanted to have a catch up and let you know what we have been up to.

The first thing is that our concept of Ether is very nearly finalized with only visuals to nail before we can start to push on and complete our first prototype! Yep that’s right we are finally moving into development and with that we are hoping to be releasing lots and lots of new info on Ether and White Paper Games and exactly what we are about, where we are heading and why YOU guys should keep following us and get involved!

Its going to be a month or so before we are at that stage so to keep you all ticking over I have a few pieces of concept art to show you as well as a piece of 3D art (Work in Progress) courtesy of Broady Blackwell.

We hope you enjoy and remember to subscribe to our blog page, our facebook and twitter for more info on WP Games and Ether and leave us comments to help us improve on our work.

Boathouse Concept – Josh Taylor

Boathouse 3D – Broady Blackwell

Character Concept – Josh Taylor


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