WPG Update

We’ve had a serious rethink about the direction we’re heading (not too serious!). But we feel that we have been steam rolling ahead so quickly that we’ve been loosing sight about what the project is as a whole.

We want a rich unique universe based in Cornwall, UK. We want a strong narrative structure that will connect people on multple levels. But most of all we want a great experience.

So keeping the block maps aside, we’ve gone back to the drawing board on the narrative, the reason players will want to experience this reality, along with what style we are going for.

Firstly, heres a concept of one of our characters ‘IBUSA’.

The concept artist on this image is Josh Taylor and you can find his personal blog here if your interested to see more

We think this image is a great starting point for us allowing us to connect and create a personality for him but also to set the visual standards of our game

We’re also taking a lot of inspiration from artists such as Dave McKean (http://www.mckean-art.co.uk/) if you get a chance to check his work out, especially the work in Mirror Mask.

Environment wise I think we’re still undecided about exactly how we would like to visualise it but heres another concept of a potential style

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog updates and if you have any thoughts fire away! We’d love to know your opinions on any elements.


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