Rail Sim, UDK

Where are the updates?

Hey guys,

Apologies about the lack of updates since first launching the blog post. I’ve been busy working on setting up my studio White Paper Games which you can find at http://www.whitepapergames.com if you are interested. Along with teaching at University and working freelance things are pretty hectic.

I will however, be updating this blog on a much morew regular basis. Some updates will be from the work I am doing with WPH along with some Uni work but I will be focusing a lot more on uploading my freelance work which will act as a basis for the updates. The posts will be quite heavy in explaing all the scripting I am doing for the project but I also have a techinical artist by the name of Scott Taylor uploading some more visual updates.

The project is a Real-time Train simulator. So thank you for following and please leave feedback if you have any question 🙂

Thanks for following



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