New tutorials + Lots of work!

Lots of things going on a the moment. Trying to carefully balance everything. I’m going to try and achieve ‘a tutorial a day’. This will keep me focused along with taking a break from my other work. Everything is pretty much unreal based for me at the moment. I’m getting kicked off with a project that revolves around a Train Simulator getting real time simulations all with logic inside of the UDK. Should be pretty interesting and a lot of skills ive barely touched upon including the dreaded Unreal Script!

My more personal project is an idea I’ve been playing with for a while and hopefully will have some WiP to show. Again done inside of UDK but this one is more of an adventure type game that I closer to my heart.

Whilst doing all this I will be teaching at University along with making coffee a few hours a week to keep me sane, so plenty to keep me busy!


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